Welcome to Project FLIP!

We’ve been busy, cooking up plans and writing them all down!

An extension of the Yo-Yo Reggio blog, Project FLIP stands for the “Family Lab for Inquiry and Play”.

We hope you’ll join us for a year of exploration and discovery, rooted in inquiry and play. We’ve chosen some general themes for the months to come…

  • January – Family Meals
  • February – Games
  • March – Outdoor Play
  • April – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • May – Plants
  • June –  Water Works
  • July – Celebrations
  • August – Scavenger Hunt
  • September – Try Something New
  • October – Harvest
  • November – Gratitude
  • December – Giving

We can’t wait to jump into a new year of learning and trying new things!  What are you planning for 2012?  See you in January!