And then there were bad sushi rolls…

When we began talking about our family meals project last week, we decided we’d rate each evening meal,on a five star scale.

The first night that we implemented the rating system, we’d made the best rice and beans ever, which easily won FOUR STARS!  It was a practically perfect meal.  I thought it was an auspicious beginning to our project.

And then last night’s meal happened.  The prep work went well – we made pseudo-sticky rice,  matchstick-cut carrots and cucumbers, and boiled shrimp. Both kids were willing and eager to make some rolls.

The problem was, the finished rolls just didn’t taste that great. The kids ate the rice and edamame beans, while M and I had to finish the rolls, wistfully thinking about the real sushi we’d eaten the night before at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party.

Our home-made sushi only earned one star (unanimous decision), but it was fun to prepare.

It really comes back to the right ingredients – if we ever make this meal again, we need to get to one of the great Asian markets here in town. I didn’t use real sushi rice for our rolls, which probably makes all the difference. We also could’ve used some wasabi and ginger on the side to spice things up.

As Sam and I both found out while skiing today, sometimes you learn the most when you fall. And you learn even more when you get up and try again.  I’m happy to report that we rebounded with tonight’s meal (pork chops parmesan, red potatoes, and salad), earning a solid four stars – we definitely won’t give up on this project!

Have you had any cooking failures lately? What did you learn from the experience?


2 thoughts on “And then there were bad sushi rolls…

  1. Maki rolls are tricky. Good for you for trying and knowing now what to do differently. I hope you make them again soon.
    I’ve thought so much about the family meals theme you have going. I think we have not just attention, but more and more self consciousness in our country in particular with eating and food prep. There are more choices, more examples on TV, in magazines and blogs. More concern about doing it well and in a timely way.
    I have the time and interest to spend in the kitchen. It’s creative, tactile, meditative, necessary for my emotional health and a habit I’m glad I have ingrained in my system. However, I think of all the people who don’t really care about food prep and just want to get on with the rest of their lives. It’s tricky to be told you should be fixing your own meals when you’re in the habit and it’s so seductive to order in, go out, make up easy packaged food. A real dilemma.
    l read the few pages of the Family Meal book on Amazon. My library doesn’t have it but I look forward to tracking it down and reading other people’s writings about the so important sit down and talk dinnertime.

  2. Maybe in a few months 🙂 It was just too much rice!

    There’s definitely a lot out there right now about food – I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people choosing to order in, go out, or use more packaged food – as long as they’re happy with the results, you know? We definitely weren’t happy with how things were going around here on our packaged food habit, so making this our focus has been good.

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