Left overs? Alright!

Another one of our goals is to make sure we use all of the food we buy. Sometimes we take leftovers for lunch, but tonight the leftovers made it back to dinner.

Re-heated pork chops, lasagna, toasted bread, apples and oranges.  The food – two stars.  The company – five stars!

It was good to have an even simpler evening than normal, because S. had a big day, starting in a new kindergarten class. It was hard to change schools in the middle of the year, but he did fine. He’s been amazing us lately with more flexible thinking and adaptability. That was something to celebrate over dinner tonight, so we did! We’re also celebrating that S. is learning to ski, so in honor of that…


3 thoughts on “Left overs? Alright!

  1. I eat leftovers almost every day. I try to make extra veggies for dinner and have them with an egg and toast or rice for breakfast the next day.
    I seem to be craving kale lately. Like for the last year….. Todays lunch was a quick saute of kale and red wine vinegar mixed with a few bites of chicken from the freezer and two chopped green olives doused with salsa and eaten on toasted wheat bread topped with olive oil and salt. If I’d thought about it I’d have shredded a bit of cheese on top.
    I love open faced sandwiches whether the base is toast, tortilla or lettuce. So easy and casual.

  2. Leftovers are great–but I seem to be alone in that opinion, since I’m usually the only one who eats them in my house! When I was living with a host family, we would have a nice, sit-down brunch every Sunday. That evening, we would eat all sorts of leftovers from the previous week. I enjoyed this ritual–having a larger, homemade meal in the early afternoon, and then a lighter snack-like meal for dinner.

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