Live at the Improv!

Here’s the thing… I love to read cookbooks and make plans, but more often than not we end up improvising. And sometimes the improv meals are the very best meals. And we all have more fun, because I’m not squinting at a recipe and trying to do it ‘right’.

The ‘pea pesto’ meal we were going to do tonight got simplified, and it was gobbled up. Instead of making a separate sauce in the blender, I mixed together cooked pasta, frozen peas, grated parmesan, leftover shredded roast chicken, and some garlic powder. Done and delish.

The verdict – four stars, three clean plates, two happy kids, and one apple for dessert!

What’s the best improvised meal you’ve ever cooked? What made it so wonderful?


2 thoughts on “Live at the Improv!

  1. I agree with Margaret–Popcorn is one of the best improv meals! Another time we had warm-just-out-of-the-oven-fresh homemade bread with butter with taffy apples (store bought). Light, snack-like meals that involve little prep can be so satisfying.

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