The Important Thing

We had another night of changing plans. This time Campbell’s soup saved the day. But the important thing was that we sat down and ate soup together. When I asked S. about how the meal rated, star-wise, he immediately replied, “Five!” When I asked why he said, “Because you made it. And because it tasted gooooood!”

So where ever you’re at right now, in regards to whatever projects you’re involved in, I hope you’ll cut yourself some slack, and recognize that you’re probably reaching the goals and resolutions that are truly important.

Maybe we didn’t achieve super-healthy, organic, home-made goodness tonight, but we did laugh and connect and relax. For me, that’s a perfect Friday night.

What’s the most important thing for you?

This post was also inspired by Lisa Coughlin, and her important project – Happy Friday Night to you!


4 thoughts on “The Important Thing

  1. This is a lovely post πŸ™‚ I think that our most important things change all of the time. Today, my most important thing was being home with great company while it was raining outside. Of course I had a million things to get done. I loved reading this post today because it made me feel more relaxed over leaving some things for tomorrow. Thank you!

  2. “…but we did laugh and connect and relax. For me, that’s a perfect Friday night.” : ) That is the heart of it, isn’t it?–what family meals should be all about! Thanks for the reminder, Elise.

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