Spinach Ice Cream – It’s a Hit!

We finally started making some of the pureed veggies from Double Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. I’ve heard some debate about this method of getting more vegetables into a person’s diet. The main complaint I’ve heard is that it’s not right to trick kids into eating vegetables, and adults should use their time and energy to help kids grow to love real vegetables. But if you take a look at both of Seinfeld’s cookbooks, you’ll see that she’s not just turning summer squash into Twinkies – she’s written diverse recipes that will appeal to both cautious and adventurous eaters, and all of the creations result in ‘real’ food. We can offer our families fresh carrot sticks, and we can supplement a batch of spaghetti sauce with carrot puree – or maybe I should say, we can have our carrot cake and eat it too 🙂

The purees are made from steamed or roasted vegetables, and so far it’s been easy to do. We don’t have a food processor, but our trusty blender is up to the task. We steamed and pureed a lot of spinach today. We’re freezing most of it in cubes, to use in future recipes.

We mixed half a cup of the very-smooth spinach puree with greek yogurt, mint extract, and chocolate chips, then froze the mixture. We made the recipe together, so the kids were fully aware that they were eating mint-chip-spinach-ice cream, not the real deal. And they loved it! When B. tasted it, her first word was, “Lishish!” S. is not a spinach lover, while B. actually ate spoonfuls of the plain spinach puree – so this recipe worked for both palates.

I have to add that it actually tastes like mint-chip frozen yogurt – if you prefer the taste and texture of real ice cream, you could experiment with blending the ingredients with vanilla ice cream.

Tomorrow, we’re making summer squash, butternut squash, and sweet potato purees! Both kids are very interested in the process, and like to help run the blender.


7 thoughts on “Spinach Ice Cream – It’s a Hit!

  1. Love the pictures of your kitchen. Seems a nice place to cook. Love the puree idea, too. Under separate cover, I’ll send a recipe for M&C with cauliflower, which I liked. A.D.

  2. I plan to make this soon. Thanks for the idea.
    I found Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s The Splendid Table’s How to Eat Supper at the library. It’s worth a look. It looks like she and Sally Swift, her co-writer, had a lot of fun with the design and look of the book. It’s not like any cookbook I’ve seen. Lots of good ideas!

    • I’ll definitely look for that cookbook – especially since it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen, and you’ve read A LOT of cookbooks! The spinach ice cream recipe is in Double Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld – it’s a fairly kid/family oriented cookbook, but you’d probably like some of the ideas.

    • So, I’ve got to add… The first night, right after making the ‘ice cream’, S. said that he loved it. The next day, when I offered it to him again, he admitted to not liking it that much. We’ll still try it again and mess with the ingredient proportions – the recipe actually called for powdered sugar, which I forgot to add – doh!

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