Dance through Dinner!

Music can really make the evening. Tonight I asked S. what he wanted to hear while making dinner. Rock and roll! The thing about S. and his developing musical taste, is that he likes rock and roll with major electric guitar and head banging opportunities. Like when we scan local radio stations, he turns his nose up at KBCO (alternative, ‘world class’ rock), and instead votes for 99.5 THE MOUNTAIN classic rock. He loves Rush, Van Halen, and the Foo Fighters. I’m all for him listening to whatever he likes, but Rush is the last band I want to hear when I come home from a long day at work. Actually, I don’t ever want to hear Rush, ever. Sorry Rush. I’m not that cool as a parent -he can listen to that with headphones on.

In my ideal cooking world, I’d play Bach cello solos on a constant loop, or some other ultra peaceful, somewhat mindless music. Instead we compromised with a little Paul Simon – Concert in the Park – “The Obvious Child”.

Love those drums! And so did the kids.

What’s on your dinner time play list?



3 thoughts on “Dance through Dinner!

  1. Obvious Child is a great song–I love the drums, too! We sometimes put on music when we’re making dinner–should do it more often, but I can get distracted easily, and make a cooking mistake! I like Wilco’s Whole Love, S. says she likes Kelly Clarkson, and pretty much anything else with a good beat and sassy-edge to it : ) Rock on! Music lifts the spirits and has the ability to put just the right touch on anything being made : )

    • I like your music choices too! Reminds me that I want to copy your “Up” cd over to our iPod – it’s one good mix. I like the idea of a dinner mix cd- starts off super energetic for when your cooking, then quiets down for talking over dinner, then turns into sleepy music 🙂

  2. We loved the Paul Simon concert. Great energy!

    I usually cook to Don Shirley, Tony Bennett, Fado or piano solos on Pandora stations. LK on the other hand, shoos me out of the room and plays R&B, Dylan, or bluegrass as loud as he can get away with. The only problem is that it takes him a very long time to prepare a 30 minute meal.
    When we cook together (quite often) we compromise with either what I like :), or something instrumental in the middle of the spectrum, or opera arias. Luckily, there’s a huge range of music out there that we both like.
    Haven’t tried reading and cooking yet. Except recipes….

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