Dining Rooms Through the Years

We sort of missed dinner tonight (for a good reason – we were at a party at the Children’s Museum!), so instead I give you… our dining rooms over the past few years. Because it’s related to food, and posting photos is about all I’ve got in me tonight!

Edgewater, CO  – the first home we owned, and where we lived when S. was born. Pretty good meal memories here.

Volcano, HI – we lived in Park housing for a few weeks. We were really paranoid about cockroaches and we ate a lot of Kraft Easy Mac.

Volcano, HI – the house at Puke’awe Circle. The street name doesn’t sound appetizing, but it was a wonderful place to live and eat.

The light was so beautiful in that room.
But we moved back to Colorado. The light is beautiful here too.


Got any good dining room stories to share?



2 thoughts on “Dining Rooms Through the Years

  1. You mean, dining room? That place with a table and chairs? Maybe a table cloth? Maybe a bowl of fruit? People eat in the diningroom?!? Who knew. Eating “family style” has always been a place of internal conflict for me as a parent. “Good parents sit at the table with their kids and bad parents sit in front of the TV with trays”, right? Isn’t that what we parents are told. I’m just not sure I agree. We never ate at the table with the girls — okay, never isn’t the right word — rarely ate at the table with the girls. The only thing that saves me from being sent to “parent time-out” is the fact that we all ate at the same time and in the same room, just on couches with plates in our laps and not at a table sitting on chairs. But some of my favorite memories of dinner table conversation didn’t take place at a table, but were in front of the TV in the living room. The key word is TALKING — the girls talked my ears off. And me them.

    • And you’re still really close and talk a lot with all of them – I hear that’s not easy in the teenage years! I think you’re right, that there’s never a blanket ‘right’ way to do anything in life.

      Eating dinner at my mom’s house (Hi Mom!), was often in front of a movie through my teen years and beyond – it was actually something I always looked forward to – we had the ritual of going to the video store together, then cooking together, then we’d all sit down to eat and watch. We still connected, because we talked a lot about the food and the movie.

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