22 Days, 22 Links

They say it takes 21 days to build a new habit. Here we are, 22 days in to building our family meals habit, and for the most part it’s sticking. Despite the occasional bouts of grousing, we’re eating together each night. And we plan to stick with the habit past the month of January, keeping it flexible, of course.

In honor of 22 days of eating our evening meals together, here are 22 hopefully-helpful-links, loosely related to family meals, in no particular order.


  • Simple Momthe resource for all topics related to families and simplifying your life! The founder, Tsh Oxenreider is also the author of Simply Organized, and a fabulous e-book called One Bite at a Time
  • Fly Lady – I started reading Fly Lady when S. was a newborn – the basic organizing principles she presents have really helped us over past five years – we don’t follow them perfectly, but we do aim for a somewhat-shiny kitchen sink each night, and minimal clutter around the house.

Web-Sites with Great Recipes/Menu Planning


Movies About Eating (that may or may not include families) 

No commentary on these choices tonight – maybe that’ll be for a future post…

  • Eat, Drink, Man, Woman
  • Big Night
  • Julie and Julia
  • Eat, Pray, Love 
  • Mostly Martha
  • Ratatouille
  • Chocolat
  • Under the Tuscan Sun


What great web-sites, blogs, books, and movies would you add?


4 thoughts on “22 Days, 22 Links

  1. Podcasts to listen to while cooking: Spilled Milk and The Splendid Table

    Blogs: Smitten Kitchen, David Lebovitz, The Wednesday Chef, Chocolate and Zucchini.

    Cookbooks: Feeding the Whole Family, Cook This Now, The Urban Pantry, A Spoonful of Ginger, Marcella’s Italian Kitchen, The Bread Bible (Henspener), The Dance of Spices, and a copy of the family recipe collection.

    Music to cook by: Greg Brown (especially Slow Food), Cole Porter, Rosemary Clooney.

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting much lately but I have been following along.

    • Hi Stacey! Get me to the library – I want to check out all of the cookbooks. I’ll definitely check out the blogs and podcasts too – I always mean to listen to more podcasts, so it’s great to get good recs. And Greg Brown! Sigh…

  2. Films–Remember Babette’s Feast and Diner? Worlds apart but great examples of the power of sharing food.

    Cookbooks–The Pleasures of Cooking for One by Judith Jones
    Pleasures of the Good Eartth by Edward Giobbi
    The Vegetarian Epicure (the original) by Anna Thomas
    Bringing Tuscany Home by Frances and Edward Mayes
    Cuisine Rapide by Pierre Franey

    Michael Ruhlman
    David Lebovitz
    Italian Food Forever

    Clifford Brown
    Ray Charles
    Paul Simon

    Bon Apetit, ma cherie!

    • More books to look for at the library, more blogs to check out – wish I didn’t have to sleep…

      Now the Abba is a surprise to me though! I didn’t know that you like them at all!

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