$2.99 Well Spent

I love those tiny, seemingly insignificant changes, that make all the difference in your day-to-day life. In this case, it’s just a $2.99 plastic dish pan. I’d been meaning to buy one for years, but I kept putting it off. Which doesn’t make any sense, but that’s what happened.

Finally, M. picked one up for me a few weeks ago. What’s the big deal? It was like, three bucks.

You’re probably a better housekeeper than I am, and you’ve probably been doing the dish pan/soapy water trick since you were about two-years-old, but I seriously just started, this month. I know you’ve read this advice before – it’s so ridiculously simple – fill the dish pan with hot, soapy water while you’re cooking. Keep putting dirty dishes in as you cook. Put your dinner dishes in too, if they’ll fit. Then, dishes and clean up are so much easier. There’s not much more I can say!

Except that washing dishes was like a mini-water-therapy session for B. tonight. I really didn’t think I’d be writing about how fun and awesome clean up time is becoming around here.

What’s one tiny change you’ve made, that’s made a surprisingly big difference in your life?



5 thoughts on “$2.99 Well Spent

  1. I put 3M removable hooks on the back wall of the tub/shower enclosure for hanging towels. No more forgetting to throw the towel over the shower curtain rod before getting in. It’s always right there.

    • This is a really good idea for our house – currently our towels and coats are still hanging really high – lower hooks would help the kids be more independent, for sure.

  2. I put a basket on the fireplace ledge near the garage door for catching items going in or out of the house. And in the winter, to corral our gloves. It’s not so big that things get forgotten but big enough to do the job.
    I think I need to make some more tiny, little changes that will make a big difference in getting through winter. I have a small 2 foot wall between the kitchen and dining room that is now painted terra cotta and wants to change color. I love toying with alternative solutions. Now it’s time to be decisive and paint. Teal? Avocado green? Dark grey? Yikes!!!

    • Well-place baskets – yes!

      I’m not so good with the paint – the only place we’ve painted is our hallway. Even small areas seem like a huge commitment to me – maybe someday I’ll be a painter again…

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