Yo, where’s the Reggio?

This week someone who I really trust told me that I shouldn’t have given up the old Yo-Yo Reggio blog. It wasn’t B., though she does look pretty mad about it all in the photo above.

The gist of the conversation was that it seems like I’ve abandoned our Reggio-inspired focus – basically selling out to the quotidian world of dish pan ratings and food choices (but I really wasn’t paid a dime for writing that last post about dish pans, I promise!). I guess I have to respectfully disagree.

The Reggio-inspired influence is still alive and well – in our hearts and in our home. And maybe someday I’ll return to a more focused approach on Y0-Yo Reggio – blogger is doing a fine job of holding my place for now.

As the idea of the Family Lab grew, I knew that I wanted to write about Reggio-inspired ideas in our home, as I’ve been doing for several years, but I wanted to keep my mind open to many approaches to parenting, learning, and play.

Choosing a guiding theme each month isn’t particularly Reggio-inspired, I’ll be the first to admit. They’re themes that are important to our whole family, but ultimately, I made the choice of which themes we would try to focus on each month. If S. were to choose the monthly topics, we’d be writing about Legos, every month. That could be a great blog too, of course – so if he ever wants to start a Lego blog, I’ll support him all the way.

In the meantime, our meal time inquiry and play continues. Tonight the kids helped me make guacamole when we got home, and B. was thrilled to wear the new apron that Aunty D. sent in the mail.


So what’s your opinion? Do you still see some Reggio-inspired goodness, in the FLIP project?


4 thoughts on “Yo, where’s the Reggio?

  1. You can never take the Reggio out of your blog because it’s just there in everything you do and write. I like the refreshing direction you’re taking, but would follow more educational references when you get back to them. Follow your heart and keep it loose. Dish pans are as important as documentation.

    I love B’s look–enigmatic artist! And the brush technique is something I could try as well as fingers in the watercolor pan/pie. Get into it! The guac picture is cool too–“how does this thing come off?”

  2. I agree with Margaret–You can’t take the Reggio out of Elise! : ) I still feel the Reggio-influence, and see your “themes” as project-based explorations you are interested in–involving your family, and your readers, in subjects that interest you.

    I don’t feel you’ve abandoned Yo-Yo Reggio; I feel you are experimenting with how you explore subjects important to you, while engaging an audience of readers…I feel you would like more reader response/interaction–that’s one of the reasons you’re writing on-line, I assume : ) –and focusing on a theme for the month, possibly increases the chances of people interacting more. Possibly?

    Sorry I don’t respond more often, but I am reading your posts, and I am reflecting on the questions you ask. I’ve continued to look and think about my dining room table differently! One day I told my daughter the table was hers to create whatever landscape she wanted with her toys, etc…She hesitated–which was interesting, since she has no problem taking over every other flat surface in the house : )!–and then began to create a little village for her Playmobil people and Legos. I told her the creation could stay up for the day, then had to come down, because it is where we eat our meals and do all sorts of other creating/doing. So, just know your writing, your questions, lead to Reggio-inspired learning whether you intend to or not! At least with me and my family : )

    • Thank you Lisa πŸ™‚ I love to hear about the work that you and S. are doing – I love it that we’ve continued our conversation over the years, and I hope we can keep it going.

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