True confessions…

What a way to start a new project month – with a true confession.

Here it is – I’m not really that much of a game fan. That’s right, I’m just not that into them.

I come from a family that’s crazy for games. On any given night, you can still find my Dad crowing over a game of backgammon, in his never-ending pursuit to be the all-time champion of the house. My siblings are all pretty competitive, and they  always seem to be up for some type of game- mah jong, hearts, a race to the end of the driveway, a basketball shoot-out – just give this family something to play, and they will compete.

I liked the games and the competition when we all lived at home, but since moving out and starting my own family, I haven’t played as many games. Maybe it’s just a function of having young kids, or that my husband isn’t that into games either,  but we don’t make a regular habit of playing. We have some board games, and I’ll play with S. from time to time, but we’re not really dedicated players.

The reason for choosing games as the topic for the month, is that S. loves it when we do play. He’s very interested in learning how to play more games, so that’s the plan for this month. I’ll be documenting the ups and downs, and also brainstorming ways to create the space and time to really get into the games that he loves. Who knows, maybe I’ll rekindle some love for games through the process.

There are a few elements about games that do spark my interest. First, I’m really interested in Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and how this affects which games people prefer. Also, I always love a DIY challenge – if there’s a way to make a home-made version of any given game, I’m all for it. So my own two areas of interest will undoubtedly pop up during the month.

So, let the games begin!

Where are you on the game continuum – do you love them, do you hate them, or are you somewhere in between? What games do you like? Why?


4 thoughts on “True confessions…

  1. I’ve never been very into games either. We had Monopoly, Scrabble and card games when I was a kid, but as an adult I haven’t been keen to play. (Sorry to my own kids on that one.) There were always games going in Richard and Susan’s home, so especially Joren and Emily got lots of game time.
    My Mom was always up for games with the grandkids-cribbage, cards, Scrabble, etc. A great way to be together and actively engaged instead of watching TV.
    I am painting a chess board for a set we’ve had for years. Now, will I get excited to learn and play chess? We’ll see about that…..
    What do you think makes an avid game player–habit? personality type? exposure? I’m curious.

    • I’m thinking about that same question – what makes an avid game player? No answer here, but it’s something to think about. I guess I lean more toward personality type – particularly when it comes to the types of games a person is drawn to.

      I remember playing cards and Scrabble with Grandma Reese – it was always fun. I never got into cribbage though. The name sounded horrible to me – I didn’t want anything to do with something called cribbage – or those little tiny posts.

      I want to see the chess board when you’re done!

  2. I don’t get excited about the idea of playing games, but once we start one, I’m IN! My kids are little (almost 2 and almost 4) so we are just STARTING games like Candyland and make a match (memory games). Of course, my 3 year old likes to play this in the iPad as much as in real life (probably more). I LOVED Aggrevation as a kid – we used to play almost nightly during our obsessed period. I remember playing Monopoly as a kid, Connect 4, card games, and then a really COOL old game called Spite and Malice with my grandma – we used to play for pennies! My husband loves Yahtzee and backgammon and I can usually be talked into playing when we have the time – which isn’t often at this point in life! I am looking forward to following your month of games and maybe getting inspired myself!

    • It’s a good reminder – to think about all of the games that I loved as a kid, and remember how much fun it was. Spite & Malice sounds interesting… I need to buy Yahtzee too! Our kids like iPad games too – we’re trying to balance it all out, for sure 🙂 Thanks for the ideas and the comment!

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