Numero Uno

We had to start with Uno, because it really is the number one game for S. right now! He loves everything about it, even if a hand of 7 cards is a little tricky for him to manage.

He would play this every night, as many rounds as possible, if we’d let him. And we’ve only played it with two or three of us – he doesn’t even know how much fun it could be with a bigger group. He loves those Draw 4 cards…

Just for fun, I put together our own card game on I’m calling it “You-Know” – but it’s really just our own version of Crazy Eights, with pictures that S. likes. If you’ve never checked out picnik, run over there right now! It’s a free site for photo editing, but it includes lots of digital stickers that you can arrange any way you like on blank jpg images. I learned about it through pinterest – I highly recommend checking it out, though they’ll be shutting down in April. They promise that it’s just because they’re moving on to even more awesome pursuits, so I look forward to seeing what those pursuits will be.

I’m working on getting a link to our You-Know game, so that it’s easier to print out, if you’d like to play too. We have a snow day tomorrow, so I’m sure we’ll be playing many rounds of Uno and You-Know. I’ll let you know how our new version compares to the original. We still have to decide if  and how we’ll make wild cards, reverse cards, skip cards, and draw 2 or draw 4 cards. I’m actually looking forward to playing!

The design possibilities for a card game like this are endless. You could substitute photos, names, letters, or numbers for the drawings. Or you could even scan in your own drawings, to have truly personalized cards.



One thought on “Numero Uno

  1. This is great! We love Uno in our house (our S. loves the Draw 4 Card, too! And Draw 2, Reverse), but this You-Know game is wonderful–endless possibilities.

    Enjoy your snow day–a great way to explore, in general, and to get in some game-time.

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