Roll ’em!

I love it that the simplest games can be so satisfying. S. is really into rolling dice right now. The game we play is hardly even a game – each player gets one die; you take turns rolling, and tally the numbers on your die as you go. For S., even making tally marks and counting by 5s is a super-exciting process, so this ‘game’ is a winner.

B. is interested in rolling dice too, but it happens that we only have one pair of dice in the whole house. To remedy that we started making our own cardboard versions today (a combination of thriftiness and not wanting to drive in the snow storm). B. tossed the cardboard dice to the side without a second glance – they were obviously not real dice. S. was more interested in the homemade versions, so I’m including a template that I made (picnik, again!) below and in a printable pdf version. You could print the template on thicker paper/card stock, or you could print on regular paper and glue the pattern on cardboard. I didn’t add any flaps or extra edges – you just cut around the entire perimeter – when you fold the cube together, you can tape the edges where they meet. Happy rolling!


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