Snow Days

The big game today was playing in the snow. We had enough for tunnels and fortresses and a giant obstacle course. It was hard to get through those hula hoops!

Between snow sessions, we enjoyed lots of hot chocolate and popcorn.


What are your favorite snowy day games and traditions?


One thought on “Snow Days

  1. Is that a handmade hula hoop? ; ) Great use of a hula hoop in the snow! Our S. likes climbing on mountains of snow, usually created by snow plows passing by on the streets–These mountains of snow become homes, and the setting for dramatic play. We like visiting snow-covered playgrounds, where she will slide down, clearing the snow off with her body. Hitting snowballs with a bat, and kicking snowballs is fun, too! Unfortunately, we haven’t had much snow at all this winter…Hoping we have at least one more good snow before winter ends.

    And hot chocolate is a requirement–a must! Popcorn is optional : ) The two together are a delicious treat!

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