Blocks + Story Telling = Best Game Ever!

I friend gave S. these story cubes, and they are awesome! We’ve given sets to a few people since. They’re so simple, but the possibilities are endless. We usually just roll the cubes, and the story teller has to tell a story using all of the pictures he can see. I can see this game evolving as the kids get older – maybe writing stories – or maybe we’ll just keep on telling the stories.

I guess it’s not a game in the traditional sense – there’s no competition involved – the goal is just telling a good story. If your goal is to spend time with your family or friends, and you’d like to do something that’s collaborative rather than competitive, I highly recommend Rory’s Story Cubes.

As always, I’m thinking about personalized versions that we could make, possibly using the picnik dice template from the other day. Stay tuned for more possibilities…



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