Around the World in 80 Seconds

Traveling around the world is a popular topic of conversation at our house. Hopefully all of that talking and thinking and dreaming will translate into action, one day soon.

To encourage the travel bug, we played our Globe Game tonight. Since our kids are pretty young, this is very low key, and like all of our games, it doesn’t involve any competition or memorization of facts. If you’ve got older kids, you could step it up and make it into a geography game. But I like the way we play, because it’s more about conversation.

One person spins the globe. Another player shuts his (or her) eyes and touches the spinning globe. You get to travel to the place your finger lands!


I’m in the Philippine Sea, just northeast of Guam! Sometimes we do end up traveling to watery places, but that’s fine. When a player finds his destination, we talk for a few minutes about that place, what it might be like, and if we know anybody who lives nearby. The Philippine Sea landing was a good one, because some of our family used to live in the Philippines, and some of our family currently lives in Hawaii.

Our globe was a gift from a friend, and it may be a little dated. You could play the same game using a flat map of the world, or by randomly opening the pages of an atlas. You could also extend your conversations by looking for more information, pictures, and videos of your travel destination. If you’re currently globe-less, you could play around with google maps – either randomly zoom in to a map of the earth on-line, or print out a map of the world and choose your destination.

Bon voyage!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?


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