The Domino Effect

We got involved with dominoes tonight. At first S. wasn’t convinced; he wanted to play Uno, or nothing at all. The selling point was that we could play dominoes, sort of how we play Uno.

We each picked 7 dominoes from the box. S. flipped over a starter domino, and then we took turns playing off of the first domino – just matching the number of dots. I know there are more complex rules of play, but these simple rules suit us for now.

After we played a few rounds, B. wanted to get involved. The game became, making a very long straight line of dominoes. Each kid built from one end, trying to stretch the line across our whole living room. B. loved it, and would run back to the box, to pick one domino at a time, shouting, “My turn! My turn!”

This will definitely continue tomorrow night! I’m contemplating a list of 100 domino games…

Do you have a favorite way to play dominoes?


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