The Important Thing about Games

For me, the most important thing about this month of game exploration, is to keep it fun. I know that people can learn all sorts of skills and facts through game-playing. Sometimes we parents and teachers even strategically choose games, in order to teach some concept. But that’s sort of like hiding pureed veggies in the ice cream. Isn’t it all right to just eat ice cream?

Yes! It’s fine to scoop up a big bowl and enjoy it, just as it is. Of course, it’s metaphorical, so if you’re lactose-intolerant, no worries – just insert something else you find incredibly delicious or enjoyable into the analogy. And then, go have some fun!

What games bring you and your family the most joy? The most laughter?


3 thoughts on “The Important Thing about Games

  1. We get the most joy and laughter from working crossword puzzles together. Almost every day. Plus we hopefully build brain power.

  2. Lately we’ve been having festivals or fairs almost every other night. Mostly we play bizarre made up on the spot games. Last night the three of us raced across the living room rolling marbles with our noses. The two other favorite games in our house are Mancala and Blokus. I love that they are games that we can all play and enjoy, no playing down to the five year old. The other reason we love them is that they make their way out sometimes with just one person, we can share them and also enjoy them on our own (which is probably why Alder beat me three times out of five in Mancala yesterday).

    • I love bizarre, made up, on the spot games 🙂 The marble rolling sounds especially fun… I’ll have to try Mancala and Blokus with the kids.

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