Battleship Blues

How do you make peace with a game that you really dislike? Ironically, Battleship, a game of war, is what I’m trying to make peace with. I know that I could make it ‘disappear’ when the kids are sleeping, but that doesn’t seem like the right solution. S. loves playing, even though it’s pretty slow and we’ve never completed a game yet.

I’ve been listening to Follow Your North Star  by Martha Beck, and she suggests applying the three ‘B’s to any activity that you dislike:

1. Bag it – find a way to remove the activity from your life

2. Barter it – convince someone else to do the activity for you, in exchange for some thing or service they value

3. Better it – get creative and figure out ways to make the activity more enjoyable

I’m focused on bartering Battleship play time (anybody want to come over to play today?) and bettering it. That’s still a work in progress.


Do you have any games that you want to get rid of, trade out, or improve? 


2 thoughts on “Battleship Blues

  1. Like every other parent I wish Candyland never existed, though we’ve come to peace with it by having a deal where I will play umpteen games of it if I can read while we play. The only game I have ever gotten rid of behind A’s back was The Hungry Little Caterpillar Game.

  2. It’s good to be aware of what you love and what you go along with for the sake of others’ pleasure. You want to like the activity, but if the enthusiasm isn’t there, it isn’t there. Thank goodness there is a world of play that we can come together to enjoy and celebrate.
    All three of my kids are great with their kids and other people’s kids and seem to never tire of engaging with
    children and playing. Yay!

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