You better run, run, run…



We can’t wrap up this month without a few more active games. We usually revert to made-up, on-the-spot games that are all derived from that old classic, “I’m gonna get you!” (also known as “Gonna getchoo!” at our house). Here are some of our latest variations…

1. Dragon slayers chasing dragons

2. Children being chased by ghosts

3. Runners who go so fast, they can’t even be seen by people standing in the kitchen

4. Ice skaters sliding and gliding by

5. Tickle monsters chasing tickle monsters, of course!

As long as people take their socks off, it usually doesn’t end in collisions or crying. So, lots of laughing, no money spent, and you get a mini-workout at the same time – that’s a win, win, win type of game, right up there with the Five Best Toys of All Time.

Are you ready? Set… Go!


One thought on “You better run, run, run…

  1. That’s a great idea and looks like lots of fun.
    Have you seen a book on “how to rough house”? I almost picked it up at the library, but thought we might get into trouble pursuing that activity (at our ages).

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