In the Den

First of all, we had the best outside day ever today. Sixty degrees, a little breezy, and a beautiful blue sky. Days like this make me fall in love with Colorado all over again.

S. was supposed to go skiing today, but it didn’t work out. Instead, we spent a lot of time outside, in our own backyard and at Clear Creek in Wheat Ridge. It all started with some den building, which was inspired by the book The Bumper Book of Nature by Stephen Moss. We love this book – if I could only buy one book about outdoor play, this is the one I’d choose. I love the author’s writing style, and the content that is comprehensive and simple at the same time.

We started by scouting out a backyard location. The space between the fence and garage was rejected by the building committee.

Once they decided on using The Big Tree as the base of the den, there was no stopping them. They carried heavy boards, negotiated the shape of the den, and tried to clean out some of the prickly pine needles.


Because this den was fairly small, they didn’t spend a lot of time inside. Instead they moved to the front yard, to The Really Big Tree. It already looks like a den, and you can stand up inside! They decided that the first den could be for squirrels and other animals; the big den would be for them.

The day continued with lots of awesome-ness – digging in the dirt, meeting a friend’s new puppy, throwing sticks and rocks in the creek, and climbing on the biggest tree trunk we’ve ever seen. What’s not to love?

Because there are so many great books and blogs about outdoor play these days, I’m going to recommend or link to just one or two resources each day this month. Then you can spend more time outside each day, rather than trying to follow 30 blog or book links on any given day!

What did you do outside this weekend?





One thought on “In the Den

  1. We walked near the Strait of Juan de Fuca on Sat. The weather was mild with clear skies. We saw a number of eagles as well as crows and gulls. Walked down a road we’d never been on before. Met a couple of dogs and their owners. At Nash’s farm store we discussed vegetables, their nutrients, and ways to prepare them with the store manager and some other shoppers. We brought home kolrabi, broccoli rabe, bok choy, curly Kale, potatoes, ginger, and more. Then a quick stop at the dairy for raw milk and eggs. We love seeing the young calves in their “dens”. I’ll send a picture sometime.
    On Sunday, even though it was a bit colder, we bundled up and had a long walk on the golf course. We try to pick routes across the greens that give us the most elevation changes–up and down and down and up. Later, we watched the awesome cloud show from the shelter of our living room.
    We might go down to the Dungeness Spit today. We’ll see if the tide is out. Happy outdoor adventuring!

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