Water, Rocks, Sand, Dirt

Even though we live in a city, we’re fortunate that there are many semi-wild spots, not that far from our backyard. There’s an easily accessible path on Clear Creek, just a few miles from our home, and the kids (and me!) could spend hours there.

Water (and rocks, and sand, and dirt) therapy is good for our whole family. We truly lose track of time, mesmerized by the movement of the water and the all-consuming action of throwing rocks and sticks in the water. I hope that kids in schools and day care centers get the chance to experience water and sand play in the great outdoors whenever possible, and for more than a highly-managed fifteen minutes of rotating ‘center time’. I know how challenging that can be in a classroom setting, particularly in a public school, but it’s still something that’s valuable to children, especially if they don’t get much time to play outside when they return to their homes.

In that vein, my resource recommendation for the day is the fabulous blog, let the children play. Jenny is an early childhood educator who writes and plays in Australia. Her blog, which is pertinent to families and teachers, is a great source of inspiring posts, photographs, and links to other progressive early childhood educators. Jenny has organized the blog into easy to navigate categories, including water play. Check out this amazing resource, and consider sharing your own play inspiration (whether it’s outdoorsy or not) through the weekly “It’s Playtime” link-up.

Where ever you live, where do you find open space to play with water, rocks, sand, and dirt?



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