Speaking for the Trees

I’m sort of in love with this tree. I don’t even know what kind of tree it is, but every afternoon when I walk past, it makes me feel, hopeful somehow. B. loves to climb over the roots, and we’re beginning to spy more birds hanging out in the branches. It reminds me of the koa trees in our backyard in Volcano, and it reminds me of the walnut tree outside the home where I grew up. They’re not remotely the same types of trees, but I get that same hopeful feeling from each of them.



We recently had Project Learning Tree do a training for a group of preschool teachers in our district. Not only was the content they shared important (get kids outside!), but the presentation was excellent. They did lots of hands-on activities and they got us all outside, actually looking at trees and leaves and grass. They introduced and shared their early childhood curriculum and music cd with our teachers. Even though the web-site is aimed at school based programs, some resources are available on-line, so you could use them with your own children, whether you homeschool, or just want to add to your outdoor repertoire.

Do you have a favorite tree? What makes it so wonderful?


One thought on “Speaking for the Trees

  1. As a child, I lived on a farm in Hood River OR. The property was named “Cluster Oaks” with an actual sign on the front of the house. That’s unusual in a small farming community, I think. There were lots of oak trees! We also had a great weeping willow in our yard with branches draped almost to the ground so we had a sheltered spot to play. We had cherry trees to climb. Our grandpa had a pear and peach orchard next to our farm so we were surrounded by the trees changing with the seasons.
    I have a favorite book–The Artistic Anatomy of Trees. A Dover classic so deep and specific I could use it as a spiritual text. Good idea.

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