Mystery Animals Unite

It seems like every time I turn around these days, one of my children has climbed to the top of something ridiculously high and awkward. It’s like a bird or animal sighting, and then I realize it’s my own dear offspring. Hmmm….

In line with these mystery animal sightings, I hope you’ll check out  The Grass Stain Guru blog. Bethe Almeras  (the Grass Stain Guru herself!) provides tons of great outdoorsy recommendations and inspiration to get out and get moving. We especially love a feature called Mystery Critter. Try to figure out Mystery Critter #85 – we couldn’t crack the case, but had fun trying. Speaking of, can you figure out what was in our backyard tree this evening?




3 thoughts on “Mystery Animals Unite

  1. Looks like a monkey to me (or an S.)

    Check out this mystery animal–

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