Bird Spotting

As we rushed through the Denver concourse early this morning, two fat sparrows soared over a walk way, and hid in the rafters. I realized that I’ve seen birds in almost every airport I’ve ever been in. Each time I’ve seen these airport birds, I’ve had a knee-jerk reaction, believing that the birds were trapped, that they couldn’t possibly be happy, or living up to their full-bird-potential.

A quick google search for “birds inside airports” revealed that it’s very common for birds to purposefully make their homes inside airports, because of the warmth, the protection from predators, and the ample sources of food and water. So the airport birds may be the happiest birds in the world – who knew?

So this isn’t really about being outside, it’s more about making assumptions. I don’t understand bird languages (but someday I will, I’m working on it!), so of course I project my own beliefs and ideals on the situation. How often do we do this, especially with children; and even more often with children who can’t speak?

Long day, short post! You have my permission to run with this analogy and make it as specific or as broad as you’d like – I’d love to hear your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Bird Spotting

  1. Elise, A friend recommended this book that I think you would really enjoy reading: Legendary Learning: The Famous Homeschoolers’ Guide to Self-Directed Excellence by Jamie McMillin

    I bookmarked your post to respond to it, and was reading this book this morning, and thought they related. Assumptions happen in parenting, teaching, and general living/relationships! Your observations of airport birds, and your reactions to seeing them, are a fine example of these assumptions we make. That’s what I love about your writing–You are constantly examining and reflecting on how you interact with your children, students, teachers, yourself, and your environment. Taking a step back. Considering differing perspectives, looking at the context closer. Thank you for this.

    In bird-outdoor-related-news, we have two cardinals living in a tree by our house–It feel so magical to see them. These birds will remind me of this reflection you shared.

    • Thanks for the recommendation Lisa – I’ll definitely look that up.

      Love the image of the two cardinals 🙂

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