Let’s Stay Outside

This was going to be a wrap-up post for our month of focusing on outside time, but when I talked to S. about moving to a new theme this month, he said he’d rather stay outside. He actually took it a step further, and suggested we make April, “Camping Month”. I thought that was a pretty awesome idea.

The plan right now, is to document both themes through April. At the same time, I’m working on turning the camera over to the kids more often, so we might also mark this as the month of blurry, authentic photographs!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Stay Outside

  1. Here are two ultimate campers. You’ve already mentioned Baron Cosimo Piovasco di Rondo described by Italo Calvino. I also recently discovered another tree top camper via an interview in the recent Sun magazine. Julia Butterfly Hill “camped” for just over two years in a redwood tree named Luna to protest logging in the Humbolt area in California. Watch this inspiring video and also check out her other videos (yoga especially).

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