The Challenge

It’s a re-use challenge! This beat up cardboard box, jumble of bubble wrap, and many pieces of scotch tape were headed for the recycle bin, when S. stopped me. Wait, why don’t we re-use it instead? Why can’t we make something new?

So we took our materials outside this afternoon, and did a little brainstorming.

And I just realized I can’t upload the super-awesome video I took of that brainstorming, so this project will remain top-secret, for now! We’ll see what happens when we continue the work tomorrow afternoon.

Until then, what would you make out of these materials?

One thought on “The Challenge

  1. this reminds me of a scene in the first season of Portlandia where the couple get a very small object in a very large box with lots of packing material. They get out glue guns, etc. to make clothes, etc. Things go bad in the end and the box devours them. Hope your recycling is more productive and has a happy ending.

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