The Best Place in Denver

One thing that I love about my job – we get to meet at RAFT Colorado every Thursday. Also known as the Resource Area For Teachers, RAFT is truly my idea of heaven. Our work team is focused on interdisciplinary curriculum design (fancy talk for setting up connected and meaningful learning experiences for kids), so RAFT is the perfect meeting spot. It’s basically a huge warehouse, full of a thousand different recycled materials, that anyone in the education world can buy for very low prices. The RAFT Colorado team does a lot of outreach to all types of educators, including homeschooling parents, child care providers, and after-school program teachers. You need to buy an annual membership, if you want to shop in one of their warehouses, or you can shop online without a membership, from anywhere in the US.

I definitely prefer the warehouse experience. It makes me so happy to wander the aisles, dreaming of crazy projects… So here’s a little photo tour, of what I saw today.







3 thoughts on “The Best Place in Denver

  1. Hi Stacey! When I spoke to Amy Turino, the ed coordinator at RAFT, she said that homeschooling families are definitely welcome. I noticed on the website that Wednesdays are when kids can visit the warehouse too.

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