First Camp Out – Close to Home

S. had his first camp out of the season last night, right in our own back yard. Just putting up the tent and playing around was a huge hit for both kids. We can’t really commit to camping out every night, so we made a compromise and set up the tent in S.’s bedroom this morning (it’s a small tent). So he can sort of camp out every night, if he’d like to.

For the more intrepid campers, check out this short article about a couple who did commit to camping in their own backyard, for an entire year.

5 thoughts on “First Camp Out – Close to Home

  1. Where did you find this tent? We’ve experimented with having a tent in the house, too, but it was hard to move the tent once it was put together, and became unstable and floppy from lots of moving around. Great idea–camping indoors and out!

    • Hi Lisa! It’s an old tent – it’s called a Moss Mountaineering 4-season tent – probably not made any more. But it’s very small, really a 2 person tent.

    • Well, 2 people in our family froze, 2 of us stayed warm and cozy in our beds inside 🙂 I was one of the people in the house.

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