Guest Post – Bottle Caps: Nick Arvin

Thanks to Nick Arvin for jumping in with the perfect photo and words for today.
I can’t remember exactly how the bottle cap collection started, but it must’ve been a couple of years ago now. I do remember that I encouraged it, in part, by telling Cade about the bottle cap collection I had as a boy. He was fascinated by this, and he asked me a lot of questions. He wanted to know how big my collection was, and whenever he got a new bottle cap, he wanted to know if I had had one like it in my collection. I don’t remember anything about my bottle cap collection, except that I had one, so sometimes I said, “I don’t remember” (a very unsatisfying answer for both of us) and sometimes I made something up. Cade’s collection really expanded when I had the idea of asking my friend Edward Gauvin, who was traveling in Europe, to bring back some bottle caps for Cade. Ed returned with a big sack full of exotic bottle caps and gave them to Cade. Then I told Cade that his collection was definitely bigger and better than mine had ever been, which made him very happy.

The bottle caps are one of those things that get put away for two or three months, and then suddenly they come out again for an hour or two of play. Today, for no particular reason I could see, Cade and Sam suddenly came running for the bottle caps. They assembled them into armies, which involved sorting them by shape and color and type, and sometimes they tried to read the writing on them. Then the armies had a battle, which involved throwing bottle caps all over the room and making a huge mess in a way that set my teeth on edge. But I didn’t say anything, and soon enough they picked up all the bottle caps and put them away again. That they did this without being asked made me very proud.

2 thoughts on “Guest Post – Bottle Caps: Nick Arvin

  1. Thanks for Nicks guest blog entry. I can just see the boys creating a world of play. I recently started saving wine corks to eventually recycle. They make a nice display in a bowl. Not as much fun as battling bottle caps, but I guess we could get some sort of game going with them. Maybe I’ll send them to S. and see what he and Cade come up with.
    I just ordered Nick’s the Reconstructionist from Amazon. I look forward to reading it on Elise’s recommendation.

  2. Funny thing: I have a lone bottle cap right next to my computer, with an idea in mind…

    Cade has a great collection! Thank you for sharing his collection, and back story with us.

    We save all sorts of plastic bottle caps and jar lids. They live in a drawer in our kitchen, and haven’t been used in quite some time. I’ll share this post with my daughter, and see if it inspires her to start another collection of her own…or it could inspire those caps to come out of hiding again!

    This line made me smile, as I can relate: “I don’t remember” (a very unsatisfying answer for both of us)

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