Guest Post – Feed the Birds: Lisa Coughlin

Thank you Lisa Coughlin, for another great guest post! We love watching the birds here in Denver too.

Last summer, during garden camp, my daughter made a recycled bird feeder from a 2-liter bottle and a simple kit. Something that took minutes to do has provided hours of observation, enjoyment, and conversation.  Our bird feeder inspired a neighborhood friend to design and make her own bird feeder from items she noticed in our recycling bin, while in our garage.  I love when creations like this happen!

For more recycled bird feeders, you can look here.  We recently saw many original bird feeder designs at Pilcher Park Nature Center.

Feed the birds and see where they lead you!

2 thoughts on “Guest Post – Feed the Birds: Lisa Coughlin

  1. Lisa, Thanks for your words and pictures. We have only one little hummingbird feeder new to us this Spring. I’m inspired to make some more feeders as we have lots of hungry birds in our yard. They are our daily entertainment and source of wonder.
    I’m sure there are some I don’t recognize. I do see eagles, hawks, doves, seagulls, crows, robins, swallows, hummingbirds, quail and those little flittery ones. It’s amazing!

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