I Love This More Than Legos

That’s the highest praise, from the Lego-loving boy. We spent part of Earth Day at our favorite spot along Clear Creek, throwing stuff and building a rock circle, which morphed into a miniature canyon laced with cantilevered bridges.

He’s decided that Earth Day is the best of all holidays, and that we’ll return to the creek each year, to build a new sculpture.

For more better-than-Legos building inspiration, we’ve been reading Make It Wild: 101 Things to Make and Do Outdoors by Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield. It’s very Andy Goldsworthy-esque, and full of cool projects; we can’t wait to try the Flaming Balloons and maybe a Wooden Go-Cart…

2 thoughts on “I Love This More Than Legos

  1. My lego-loving girl also appreciates building structures outdoors. She built one out of lincoln logs yesterday, outdoors.

    Thanks for the book rec. We’ll check it out. Good to hear children appreciate a holiday such as this, where the only gift is nature itself!

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