The Book Post and a very small contest


I got a book in the mail! It’s The Power of Play by Frank and Theresa Caplan, circa 1973, and it’s certainly re-used  – mercifully saved from the discard pile at Peninsula College Library.  Here’s the first paragraph, from the introduction:

We aim to present a hypothesis of such far-reaching implications that no parent, pediatrician, educator, sociologist, or politician can afford to ignore it. It is our intention to present data that will substantiate our premise that the power of play is all-pervasive. We invite our readers to examine the power of play with us so that we might garner for child play the prestige and wholehearted public support it deserves and must have.

I’m looking forward to reading more. The Caplan’s were the founders of the original Creative Playthings company. They collaborated with many mid-century modern artists and had connections with the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The current iteration of Creative Playthings that might pop to the top of your google reader is not the same, so dig a little deeper – it’s worth it!

We’ve been playing with and reading a handful of other great books, that relate to re-using, reducing and recycling. Here are our top three recommendations:



And that brings me to our very small contest, to round out this unpredictable month of April. The first reader who can identify the location (the intersection or other nearby points of interest) of the bird in the photo below, will win his or her very own copy of The Creative Family, by Amanda Blake Soule.  Obviously, Denver friends have a huge advantage in this contest, but I know some resourceful people that might be able to figure this out, regardless of locale. Just post your guess in the comments, and maybe I’ll send you a book.

Are you ready?


12 thoughts on “The Book Post and a very small contest

  1. I don’t need the book, I just wanted to say I grew up with tons of Crative Plaything toys. I still have one of their people on my desk. Oh is it Taza de Cafe?

    • Stacey, you got it! Was the shop open? It wasn’t when we were there – looks pretty interesting. If you send me your mailing address, I’ll send you the book, or I can send it to the recipient of your choice:)

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