Planning for Plants

It’s the first of May, and we haven’t planted anything. I thought you were supposed to wait until after Mother’s Day in Colorado, so we’re really right on schedule.

When I came downstairs to tell S. a story tonight, he was busy drawing ninja knives in his three-ring binder. I admired them, of course, because ninja knives are cool and awesome, and he’s not allowed to draw them at school. I know, that’s a discussion for another time, another venue.  Anyway, when we were tapped out on knives, I asked him if he wanted to do some garden designing with me. He did!

He’s interested in planting pumpkins, corn, and carrots. That sounds about right to me. I’m not a very organized gardener, but three new vegetables should be manageable, right?

As we make our way through May, the focus here will be on urban plants and gardening. How do you put roots down, when you’re surrounded by concrete? Well, roots always seem to find a way. If you’ve got a story or photos you’d like to share, you can reach me at – guest posts are welcome!

One thought on “Planning for Plants

  1. I remembered having read and enjoyed one of the gardening books by Gayla Trail.

    Also, I’ve long enjoyed having herbs growing near the house. They are so easy and eager to grow. They add a very local finish to many a dinner menu. Taking the time to go out to clip a few sprigs refocuses my attention and provides a little outdoor break from cooking. Sometimes all you can think of is getting the food on the table, but with a short break the activity gains perspective.
    My favorites are basil, tarragon, parsley, thyme and oregano. Oh, and sage and mint. I like them all! I almost forgot rosemary, perhaps my very favorite!

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