Water, water everywhere

May wasn’t the best for blogging. We’re starting over, and water is definitely compelling for all of us.

We spent the evening flipping through back issues of National Geographic Kids and Ranger Rick, searching for articles about water. Sam wants to investigate why algae grows on rocks and wood, in rivers and in oceans. And then we talked for a while about the difference between al-gae and all-er-gy. He understands the difference, but his neural pathways seem to be cemented with the incorrect pronunciation. We did learn that kelp (much easier to pronounce) is actually a type of algae. And that the ice cream we ate for dessert probably included a derivative of algae (algin) as a thickening agent. Yum? Not in his opinion.

We’re looking forward to exploring many questions about water, through the month of June. And we’re also ready to just play…


3 thoughts on “Water, water everywhere

  1. I’ve never seen National Geographic Kids! It sounds wonderful. I love NG but the language is of course too much for my little guy. I’m going to see if we can get it down here somewhere.

    • Hi Kate! Sam has loved the Nat Geo Kids – they do have lovely photos and articles that hold his attention – I’m a little disappointed in the advertising though. It seems like Ranger Rick and Your Big Backyard (both published in the US by the National Wildlife Federation), don’t have as many ads.

      But I also get it that magazine publishers (and writers and photographers) need to pay the bills πŸ™‚

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