Art meets Water

I ran inside to grab something (probably my coffee), and returned to find my favorite little sketch book, floating in the water table. And Bel looking very pleased with herself.

Yes, it floats!

The sketch book has been reconstituted, and I’m sure the textured pages will add some extra character to my drawings. And now she understands that I really prefer dry sketch books.

Despite the floating sketch book incident, the water table has become an important part of her painting process. She scoops up giant cups full, to pour on her water colors and on her paintings. She’s definitely in a more-is-more phase, covering the table and patio with color. Water-soluble color, mostly.

And then there was the gold glitter, which also ended up in the water table, when she was finally ready to wash her hands.


2 thoughts on “Art meets Water

    • If we’d had enough glitter, I’m sure she would have painted her entire body. The bottle is empty now, and we’re still finding gold sparkles on the patio. And in the yard. And the garden. And some in the house too… πŸ™‚

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