To the Sea

Soon, we’ll be driving west, in search of real water. In the meantime, there’s a lot of water talk going on around here. Epic bedtime stories about snorkeling, giant sea tortoises, and mythical goldfish.

Lately I’ve been dreaming about the ocean (maybe because of those bedtime stories?),  so it was somewhat synchronistic to receive a photocopy of an interview with Ran Ortner, by Ariane Conrad. It’s from the June issue of The Sun and most of the interview can be found here. This is an excerpt from the interview that I love, on many levels.

As painting gets more complex, it gains the same quietness that I’ve found in racing and surfing, where everything is happening so quickly that the demand for deep, internal calm is high. We can’t be at our most responsive unless our nerves are quieted. If there’s any noise on the lines, if there’s static or some kind of discourse happening within you, then part of your wiring is not available for the activity.

In my reading I’ve come across this again and again: that a person is most powerful when in a state of inner peace. The outside world recedes when I’m engaged in my work. I fall under the illusion that what I’m doing is all-important. It’s a wonderful illusion to have. I’ll take a break, and when I come back and look at the work, I’ll think, Damn, there’s magic there. There’s something I have brought back with me from the descent, a token of the experience.


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