Yesterday Sam and I were working on a blue chalk masterpiece, that doubled as an oceanic maze for Lego guys in search of pirate treasure. We were pretty focused, which was fine, because Bel was busy with her own blue work.

I’m happy to write that when we finally headed over to check out her work, she was the opposite of camera shy.

We all laughed and she painted for a little longer, because her hands weren’t blue enough yet. This was followed by two blue baths, lots of blue bubbles, and one round of blue tooth brushing. Today was spent scrubbing even more blue (not watercolor) paint off of the patio. The scrubbing turned into more water play with our Reggio-inspired cleaning team. Twenty-four hours later the only blue paint left is what comes out each time she blows her nose, which makes us laugh all over again.

So we’re blue, but the happiest shade of blue there is.


4 thoughts on “Blue

  1. She is so lucky to have a Reggio Mom. I would never have been able to even entertain the beginning of the idea of that much freedom. Sorry, Elise…..But you seem to have thrived creatively despite the restrictions. I’m working on it.

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