With the Current

Our water exploration took an unexpected turn, when Sam got a circuit kit (or ‘tinker kit’ as he insists on calling it), as an early birthday present. No, we’re not putting the circuits in water! But we are talking about currents, both aquatic and electric.

Before the circuits showed up, we had started webbing the ideas around water that we wanted to explore (inspired by the Young Investigators books study I’m doing at work). The process was already leading us toward electricity, but the arrival of the circuit kit really sealed the deal.

You can see that our web is going in divergent directions, but the process and the conversations about the ideas have been interesting.

It got way too hot to even think about electrical circuits today, so we headed to the river, to check out the water currents. As usual, it was the best and nobody wanted to leave.

2 thoughts on “With the Current

  1. I love that B. was part of the inquiry. Aand at the river, S holding her hand is a special moment.
    Let’s all keep the currents flowing and connecting us on so many levels.

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