With the Current – Part 2

You might already know this, but it’s very hot in Denver right now. Which shouldn’t be a huge surprise to anyone, since it’s summer and all. We’ve got a pretty good system down, opening and closing windows at key points in the evening and in the morning, and we’ve got a little mobile AC unit that’s helping. I hope that admitting that fact doesn’t lead to riots in front of our house.

Despite the heat, the kids spent a lot of time playing in the backyard today, and it didn’t involve a lot of water (which is good, living in a very dry state, overrun by very scary forest fires). Their play moved to building a “traveling bus house”, which they took turns driving to  Washington. Where, coincidentally, it’s raining like crazy right now. If only we could trade a little sun for water, which was Sam’s earnest suggestion.

In other water related news, they’re both swimming with Michael right now, AND we’re headed to City Park Jazz tonight, with the hope of some serious fountain play.

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