The Inventor’s Lair meets the Best Mexican Restaurant in Denver

He cleans his room every few weeks, but scenes like this spring right back. He finds treasures where ever he goes: rusty nails, bottle caps, special rocks. The lint trap in our dryer doesn’t stand a chance, pushed to the limit with broken pencils and handfuls of pennies.

The grown-up instinct is strong, to just sweep the entire mass into the nearest trash can. But then I remember the exact same layouts in my own childhood bedroom. Not to mention the desk I’m currently sitting at, scattered with antique buttons, paint brushes, sketch books, and tiny scraps of paper that I really might need for my next painting.

So to kick off a fresh month, we’ll begin by celebrating beautiful messes that lead to new inventions.

In addition to our family celebrations, I’ve got a plan to add something celebratory about Denver each day. I’ve been having some city troubles, but it’s really not Denver’s fault. Maybe Denver is a beautiful mess that could lead to new inventions. That remains to be seen, but for now I give you the number one thing that I appreciate about our city today.

I recommend the Enchilada Plate, while Sam prefers a grilled cheese sandwich with a side of rice and beans.

What are you celebrating today?


One thought on “The Inventor’s Lair meets the Best Mexican Restaurant in Denver

  1. Woody Allen’s Radio Days film from 1987. Delightful and definitely messy. The take off on Carmen Miranda was priceless. The young Woody in the film is a great kid–so well cast and directed.
    We watched the 2011 two part Woody Allen documentary the last few nights. It is so wonderful to see someone still so full of ideas and plans for future films. And, he’s still playing clarinet regularly in public performance.

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