Walking Away from Busy

Maybe even running away. At least five people recommended I read this short piece by Tim Kreider, about ‘the busy trap’. Five people means it’s time to actually listen. So I am. The timing is perfect for us to step back from our self-imposed busy-ness, as we’re about to leave town for some vacation time. But I also see the need to be more thoughtful about the daily choices we make, so that our little family can move beyond hanging on by our fingernails during the work week.

Instead of comparing notes on who’s the busiest, let’s start a friendly competition to see who can be the least busy. What did I do this weekend? I hung out with my family. End of story. But it was definitely a happy story.


2 thoughts on “Walking Away from Busy

  1. We left our air-conditioned home with the computers and cell phones left behind and went to the beach. The kids have been asking for weeks, so we put on our suits and went.

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