More love, more letting go

Here’s the thing. I always forget that everything that’s difficult for me is probably going to come around again, especially if I don’t slow down and pay more attention.

I’m going to have to practice letting go, again and again. And I’m going to have to practice recommitting to love, again and again. This all seems very obvious, and yet… I forget, again and again. But I’ll bet that never happens to you, right?

Whether it happens to you or not, let’s celebrate love and letting go, again. I’ll most likely write a blog post every month or so, reminding myself to celebrate these things, so if you’re as forgetful as I am you’re welcome to join me here.

And here’s a happy ending: I eventually I rode the gondola down the mountain, and I let go of the railing, so change really is possible, especially if you’re being spurred on by very insistent children who love gondola rides.

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