The Wrap Up

There were some low points, but in the end July turned out to be a good month for celebrations, at least for our family. Our hearts are with the many families that weren’t celebrating, especially those affected by the tragedy in Aurora and the fires throughout Colorado.

We’ll leave July with a short list of some of the best things that happened…

1. We made it to the farm! And the kids got to swing in a very sturdy porch hammock, so there wasn’t a repeat of the spectacular fall that Sam and I had during the summer of 2009. There were a thousand other things to love at the farm – tractor driving, barn exploring, clay  bowl making, and good company.

2. We made it to the ocean! We camped under giant trees and overcast skies, and we had just about the best time ever. There were so many other great water experiences – the Dungeness Spit in Sequim (that is a body of water), Multnomah Falls, and lots of creeks, rivers, and swimming pools in between.

3. We spent a lot of time with family. Even though the time was short, it felt like we had the chance to reconnect and get to know each other again.

4. Emily and Shobi got married! The ceremony was all about love and connecting and community. And then they danced. And I cried, but just a little.

5. We made it back to Denver! The ride home was rough, but we pulled together and now it’s done. We’re all appreciating the city again, for various reasons. In August we’re planning 31 very exciting days of scavenger hunt activities around town, that we’ll share with you tomorrow.

Whether you had the best or the worst month, I hope you found moments to celebrate too.


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