It’s…Universe Month!

At first it was going to be Scavenger Hunt Month, and then it morphed to Treasure Hunt. For a few hours he tried to convince me to make it Money Month! Now we’ve settled on the working title of Universe Month.

No matter what it’s called, it’s going to be exciting! It’s a pretty basic concept – we’re going to find, make, or do something really cool each day this month. We’ve got our ideas sketched out on an August Scavenger Hunt Calendar that we’re going to decorate as we go. We’ll take photos of what we find, make and do (and maybe get them rounded up on some pinterest boards). If you’d like to join us for any of the challenges, we’d love to see your photos too.

We’re also playing with some ideas for a few give-aways that are related to the challenges, so stay tuned for those.

Without further ado, here’s our outline for the month:

August – Universe Month – aka Scavenger Hunt!

2 Plan a trip around the world (or the universe)

3 Build a fort

4 Send someone a postcard

5 Explore your neighborhood

6 Explore parks

7 Explore playgrounds

8 Go and build stuff out of sand

9 Climb a tree

10 Climb a mountain

11 Climb the highest building you can find (but please use the stairs!)

12 Find bottle caps!

13 Find corks!

14 Find money!

15 Make and find treasure maps!

16 Make art!

17 Make up sculptures!

18 Take pictures!

19 Make up stories!

20 Make up science activities!

21 Make a video!

22 Make someone laugh!

23 Make strawberry shortcake!

24 Design a new type of sandwich

25 Make the best chocolate cake ever

26 Make a wish

27 Make a new friend

28 Give someone a hug

29 Say yes!

30 Design a t-shirt

31 Give something away

Yes, that’s a lot of exclamation points, but I was just recording the ideas the way I heard them. The ideas were definitely a collaborative effort between me and Sam; some of my ideas were soundly rejected, but I included all of his because it’s Universe Month!



3 thoughts on “It’s…Universe Month!

  1. I like the looks of your calendar for August–Sam seems to be following in your footsteps, making the most of each day : )

    I will share this calendar with my family and see where this discussion leads us…Great timing as we think of how to best spend the rest of our summer. Read your post just before we left for a fun day trip!

    • Thank you Lisa – and for your text messages too! I always love hearing from you, and YES we’ll meet in person someday.

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