Our World Tour

  1. Begin in Denver, Colorado.
  2. Fly to New Bern, North Carolina, to visit one grandma.
  3. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean (at Bel’s request).
  4. Fly to Italy and check out the whole country.
  5. Take a boat to northern Africa.
  6. Travel by land, all the way south through Africa.
  7. Take a boat to Antarctica.
  8. Fly to Seoul, South Korea, to visit cousins.
  9. Fly to Kona, Hawaii, to visit more cousins.
  10. Fly to Washington state, to visit more grandmas and grandpas.
  11. Fly to the closest place we can get to the North Pole, and then travel by dog sled to the actual North Pole.
  12. Somehow, make it home to Denver again.

Sam and I enjoyed planning our trip around the world. There are still a few details to work out, but it’s a good, dreamy beginning. Bella enjoyed spinning the globe and adding her own written comments to the itinerary.

Where would you travel, on your world tour?

Speaking of grand tours, don’t forget to check out today’s post for Blogust ’12. If you comment on C.C.’s post, $20 will automatically be donated to buy life-saving immunizations for a child in a developing country. I love the post and can’t wait to check out more of both C.C. Chapman’s and Clarence Smith Jr.’s work.


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