The Postcard Post

We combed through some of my old postcards, talked about all of the people we should send cards to, and did a little bit of decorating. I ended up doing all of the writing, but it was still fun to talk about it with Sam. He has a list of friends he still wants to send cards to, so we’ll keep working on the project tomorrow.

Even though I love the visual aspect, the actual writing of postcards gives me writer’s block. What can you really say in that tiny square? I suppose that some people have more talent for it than others. Probably the same people who can make tweets, texts, and Facebook status updates incredibly funny, poignant, or both. Sadly, that person isn’t me. My postcard writing style is so mundane. I usually reference the weather and then sign off with a vague “hope to see you soon!” While the sentiment is genuine, I wish I could capture it in a more interesting form.

Maybe I’ll cut my losses and send blank postcards from now on. Yes. That might become my new trademark. If you get a blank postcard from me, you can imagine that it includes everything that you’d like me to write to you. We’ll move into a completely win-win situation; I won’t have to write a thing, and you’ll get everything you need from me. Jungian projection at its best, yes?

And the possibilities are endless within this framework. The blank letters and e-mail messages. The silent voice mail. Ah, even the empty blog post.

No, just kidding, of course. But I would love to hear from anyone reading: in your opinion, what are the elements of a truly well-written postcard message?

If you’re too shy to comment, don’t stress it. I’ll create my own projections and imagine the comments that I believe you wanted to share 🙂


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