Found: Money!

We’re swapping days, because Sam found a lot of money today. Well, Michael found his old coin collection, which was gifted to Sam, which was combined with the coins from Grandpa Larry and an old collection of mine that we found at the farm.

The guys spent the evening talking about money and checking out each coin under the microscope. We even had a bedtime story about money. Gotta love his one-track mind. And we definitely need to plan a trip to the Denver Mint, soon.

I’ve also cooking up a money/coin project. I haven’t donated anything to Shot@Life yet (except making comments on Blogust posts), but I really want to. So here’s my tiny step: I’m going to start a coin collection jar on my desk at work, and every time I’m magnetically drawn to the vending machines on the second floor, I’m going to put the change I would’ve spent on a Snickers bar in the Shot@Life jar. I have a feeling the jar will fill pretty fast, because there’s nothing better than chocolate in the afternoon, particularly on stressful days (and lately every day feels stressful).

To any Fox St. friends – if you feel inspired to donate to the coin collection jar, please do! I promise not to spend the money on candy when I’m alone in the office…


2 thoughts on “Found: Money!

  1. Have you thought of having S. do rubbings of his coins?
    How about collecting donations AND having chocolate? You can do it. Yes you can.

  2. We’re trying to work on money and time this summer too – but he’s not so interested in “cool” old money. But the mint is a fabulous idea!!!

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