Treasure, broadly defined

This is Sam’s treasure collection. The coins, the corks, and the bottle caps. The photo really says it all.

I love age six, for this.

His favorite bottle cap of the moment, is also Grandpa Roth’s favorite.

It’s my favorite too. August (a.k.a. Universe Month) has also become the month of Bravely Done. There will always be more work to do, but I believe we’re moving in the right direction, on many levels.

As Sam and Bella dig through the dirt in the backyard, in search of coins and rocks they buried last month, I’m digging too. Through old habits, behaviors, reactions, assumptions, and thought processes that don’t fit anymore. The treasure is there, just waiting for me to dust it off and recognize that it’s been there all along.

How are you defining treasure, right now?Β 


3 thoughts on “Treasure, broadly defined

  1. In my life right now treasures are not things to be touched. I am realizing even just this morning as we are all in the same room is I miss and treasure the way we were on our camping trip, the way we were together as well as the special place (the true treasure) I was able to get to by myself. Now a week later the edges of those feelings are starting to drift, I must recapture them!

  2. I just threw away an entire trash bag of “treasure” as we cleaned out Max’s room. We kept the important stuff – it seems like rocks are the treasure of choice lately, which is awesome – he even bought a “mineral” book with his own money, and geology was one of my favorite classes in college (i went to mines after all, there was a lot of geology classes!) – But as for treasure inside, I think I need to work on my bad habits, and get rid of “grouchy mommy” first. πŸ™‚

  3. Defining treasure, for me, is valuing the treasures in my daily existence–in every day living. I have this persistent feeling that I need to be doing something else…that the “X marks the spot” is something I need to find, to search for…I feel a restlessness. Then I find myself noticing/realizing that all I’ve wanted all along, the true treasure of the love of another–a loving partner–and my own family–has already been found. It is mine.

    I was just looking at the habit blog, and I hope this link works to bring you to this quote and image. It sums it up for me–the treasure that is right under my nose.

    Thank you for another beautiful reflection, Elise. Helping me to pause and remember my treasures.
    eren’s post/photo
    “he told me he knew why no one had invented a time machine…we’re not supposed to be able to go backwards or forwards. we need to be where we are.”

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